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Roo Landscaping and Garden Care has been a fixture in the Sacramento community for over 10 years. Nathan Johnson, the founder of Roo Landscaping, started out in the trade as a child in Australia, a nation known for its water conservation. When Nathan came to the Sacramento area, he brought his Aussie “tricks of the trade” with him.  His experience with drought tolerant landscapes was perfectly suited for our drier Sacramento climate.

At Roo Landscaping we work with homeowners as well as businesses of all sizes to create and maintain inspiring outdoor spaces that make our community beautiful. We understand that communication and visualization is extremely important in any design project and we strive to marry both form and function in our installations.

Water-wise gardens that suit each customer’s vision require careful, knowledge-based plant selection. We pride ourselves on our extensive study of and experience with plants, both native and non-native. That paired with dedicated attention to detail while incorporating the most current drip irrigation technologies and techniques, allows us to specifically calibrate the water delivered to each and every plant; never wastefully over watering or detrimentally under watering our gardens. The ultimate pay-off is an aesthetically dynamic and thriving, water-wise outdoor retreat, be it in a public and private space.

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Call Roo Landscape and Garden Care at (916) 397-3697. Our phones are answered Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM (Pacific Time) by real, knowledgeable people who live and work in northern California. You may also click here to send us an email or complete our online information request.

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